Today we celebrated our first Easter as a family of three.  We didn’t do anything from the Easter Bunny since Hannah is only 7 months old, though the Amazon fairy frequents our house.  Maybe next year we will do a small basket for her.  We definitely want to do the cute Easter stuff but also want her to know the true meaning of Easter, that Christ died for us then rose from the grave.

We started the morning going to church, where we got to show Hannah off to a few people that had not yet met her.  We’ve had so many prayer warriors for our adoption and for her health for the past 6 months.  My Mom, aka Zma, bought Hannah a beautiful smocked dress that she wore to church today.

After church we went to see Great Grandma, who enjoys spending as much time with Hannah as possible.  She had a little bunny and a cute card for her.  We surprised her later with some Easter prints so she can show off Hannah at the doctor, pharmacy, hair dresser, and wherever else she goes and talks about our little cutie.

We came home and changed from our dress clothes and enjoyed a little bit of family time just the three of us.  We went over to Grandma’s where Hannah got snuggles from her Great Granny, Aunt, and cousins.  The amount of love they show her is oh so sweet.  Great Granny made her a beautiful blanket that was hand stocked and her cousin made her a bunny.  We watched the older grandkids hunt for eggs.  It’s always a fun time getting all of this part of Allen’s family together.

We took some photos of Hannah on my professional camera and has them printed for all of the Grandmas.  Hannah’s Easter Pics

We tried taking a family photo after church, but Hannah wasn’t having it.

After we got home from seeing family at Grandma’s Hannah and I got some snuggles in where she did some Tummy Time on me.
We hope everyone had a great Easter!