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I have been a little bit of a slacker with doing an update with all of the GREAT things going on right now.

Towards the end of April Hannah had a swallow study done and did great.  We were told we could start with tastes of baby food and after one day of tastes she was ready to really eat.  She didn’t do the best at first with taking bites, but in less than a month she is eating a least 2oz of baby food a day and is getting better with the process and coordination required for eating.  So far we have tried sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, bananas, apples, green beans and peaches.  She absolutely DOES NOT like peaches for some reason.  Everything else she will eat, though I think sweet potatoes are her favorite at the moment.  Right before taking her first bite, she looked very excited.

She is progressing so well with Early Intervention and Physical Therapy.  They say each week how she is doing great and seems to be so much stronger than the week before.  She has gotten to where she really loves to stand, supported of course.  Her rainforest jumper and her exersaucer are two of her favorite things to do and are helping to really strengthen her legs.  Her rolling over is getting better, but that is the biggest thing really holding her back to being right there with where typical children are at her age.  We know those delays will increase as she continues to age, but we look at this as a positive in our book that she is doing so well and is so high functioning.

Here are a few videos of her at therapy or playing/working at home:

Trying bananas part 1
Trying bananas part 2
PT on 4/17