Finalization Day

A day we thought would never get here finally arrived.  After a little over 8 months Hannah is forever ours.  As happy as we are about this day we also take a step back and think about our wonderful birth mom, with this being the last step in the process and potentially being a sad day for her.

During the finalization process we were joined by both of the Grandmas, Allen’s Grandma, and our friend Erin.  Everyone was shedding tears of happiness.  The judge said all adoptions are special, but ours is even more special because of adopting a child with special needs.  He said he commended us on doing this and how he felt us adopting Hannah was definitely in her best interest.  He said he sees so many bad things each day in court and usually leaves taking that with him, but not today he said, it would be a happy day for him.

We finished the day celebrating with some of our closest friends and family at a local burger restaurant where we rented out the top floor.  We are so truly blessed to have so much love and support during this entire process and the love and acceptance everyone has for Hannah.

This day would not have been possible without the help of a great non-profit the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network.  We will never be able to thank them enough for their help in making us a family of 3.